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At The Music Room, we pride ourselves on teaching excellence....

Diane Anglim (Piano)

Bachelor of Arts (Music),
Higher Diploma in Education,
Associate Diploma Piano Teacher ARIAM

Diane Anglim has over ten years of teaching experience both as a Piano and Recorder teacher, and as a secondary school music teacher. Her passion for music, and her love of working with people, led her to open The Music Room in April 2008. Originally the only staff member teaching three piano students, she has since grown The Music Room to include five qualified music teachers, covering Piano, Guitar and Vocal lessons, and altogether educating over 140 students each week.

Diane Anglim

Diane has been bitten by the music bug since the age of three and plays recorder, keyboards, guitar, saxophone and piano. Having completed the RIAM exams in both recorder and piano she went on to study music to degree level at NUI Maynooth. Following her degree, she trained as a secondary school music teacher gaining a Higher Diploma in Education. She spent some years gaining experience as a piano teacher in music schools around Dublin, before opening The Music Room. Diane holds an Associate Piano Teaching Diploma from the Royal Irish Academy of Music.

She spends her free time writing, recording and performing her own music.

"The thing with Diane is that her experience shines through in every single lesson...She's patient, kind, and always makes sure that you understand everything before you progress..."

(Amy Wall, Womans Way Magazine, January 13th, 2015)

Diane currently teaches Piano lessons at The Music Room.

Jimmy Brennan (Guitar)

BA (HONS) Applied Music DKIT
MA Music Research & Performance DKIT
PHD (ongoing) Music Research & Performance DIT

Jimmy Brennan is a guitar teacher with over ten years teaching experience. He has taught a variety of styles, including pop, rock, folk, jazz, and classical, to all age groups and ability levels. Although he focuses primarily on guitar, he has also taught ukulele and recorder, along with classroom music curriculum at both primary and secondary levels.

His love of travel and warm oceans, led him to teach music in Australia and the UAE. While there, he taught students "Surfin' UAE" to avoid running into copyright problems with The Beach Boys.

Jimmy Brennan

He holds a Masters Degree from Dundalk Institute of Technology, where his performance based research was on the guitar style of Irish jazz guitarist Louis Stewart. He is currently pursuing his PhD in solo jazz guitar research at Dublin Institute of Technology.

Jimmy currently teaches electric, acoustic, and bass guitar lessons at The Music Room.

Email Jimmy:
Call Jimmy: 085 7600933

Caroline Flood (Piano)

Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Music,
Higher Diploma in Education

Caroline has over 10 years of experience teaching as a Piano Teacher, Secondary School Music Teacher, and Gymboree Music Teacher. She has been working at The Music Room since March 2010.

Caroline completed her undergraduate Music Degree in UCD. She completed her Higher Diploma in Education in Cork, where she took music and C.S.P.E as teaching subjects.

Caroline started her musical education at the young age of three learning piano. She spent her youth taking part in music feiseanna around the country, while singing in school choirs and playing recorder.

caroline Piano

Caroline currently teaches piano lessons at The Music Room

Email Caroline:
Call Caroline: 085 1618347
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Niamh Parkinson (Vocal)

Bachelor of Arts (Music),
Master of Music,
Primary Music 1 Kodaly

Niamh has over 5 years of teaching experience as a Vocal, Piano and Pre-Instrumental Music Teacher. She has been with The Music Room since November 2010.

She completed her Bachelor of Music and Arts Management degree at Middlesex University, London in 2003. Throughout her degree she enjoyed performances of her own compositions from accomplished musicians, such as the Allegri String Quartet. She completed her Masters in Music, majoring in compostion at NUI Maynooth in 2007.

Niamh Vocal

Niamh began her musical education early, first learning the piano, then taking up flute and vocal lessons. Once she started writing songs (at the tender age of 13), she knew that music was to be her life! She has since performed with leading Irish and Australian opera companies, as well as renowned choirs such as the Melbourne Philharmonic Choir. She has completed a tour of Italy taking part in Master classes with Maestra Gabriella Tucci, Maestro Salvatore Fisichella, Maestro Vincenzo la Scola, Dr. Joseph Talia and Opera director Jose Luis Lopez.

Her industry experience working at EMI and Mondo records, combined with her love of stage performance and music composition, provides Niamh with a unique opportunity to offer a diverse range of valuable skills and talents to her students.

Niamh works as a private piano, vocal and pre-instrumental teacher, and in her free time writes and gigs as a solo artist around Dublin.

Niamh currently teaches singing lessons and is choral conductor at The Music Room

Email Niamh:
Call Niamh: 086 3356353

Suzette Das (Piano)

Bachelor of Music, Maynooth 2011
Music Production and Engineering, Pulse College 2017

Suzette has over 8 years experience teaching piano and vocals across a broad spectrum of age and ability. She teaches a variety of genres, including classical, contemporary, jazz and musical theatre. Suzette strives to spark creativity in her students and encourages them to find their own unique musical voice. Her aim is to encourage curiosity, and instil a love of learning in each student.

Suzette's passion for music began with the fiddle at age 8 in her local Irish music group. In the years that followed she studied classical violin, piano, voice and musical theatre through RIAM. Upon finishing her grades in piano and vocals she went on to study music performance at NUI Maynooth. Throughout this time, she has been an active member of gospel choirs, chamber choirs and multiple genres of bands. In the past few years she has immersed herself in composing and music production. She loves learning, creating and collaborating!

Suzette Piano

Her current ongoing project is one half of performing/recording electronic duo, Hvmmingbyrd

Suzette currently teaches piano lessons at The Music Room

Email Suzette:
Call Suzette: 085 8275765

All of our music teachers obtain clearance from the Garda Central Vetting Unit and work in conjunction with our child protection guidelines. Copies of these guidelines are available on request from The Music Room

Please give us a call on 01 2965570 with any questions - we look forward to hearing from you!